Emkarate Series

Emkarate RL polyol ester (POE) is a refrigeration lubricant that is engineered by the world’s leading synthetic lubricants supplier - CPI Fluid Engineering. Emkarate RL POE lubricants are designed innovatively to meet the needs of a wide range of compressor types in the system using HFC refrigerants.

Over a billion compressors worldwide have been filled with this product under different industry segments such as resident appliances, air conditioning, automotive, aftermarket appliances, and LIS (Large Industrial System).

HFCs are better alternatives to CFCs in term of environment friendliness. The compressor used in HFC refrigerants is designed to use specific and utilized lubricants instead of traditional mineral oil. Emkarate RL POE is a better and effective substitute for mineral oils and helps in the long life of refrigerant’s compressor along with ensuring environmental health.

Due to its environmental-friendly attributes, most of the industry and home appliances are shifting on HFCs refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Based on above-mentioned features, Emkarate RL POE has the following benefits:

  • Amazing miscibility
  • Outstanding thermal and chemical stability
  • A better and improved alternative of mineral oils
  • Better system performance
  • Promotes Eco-friendly refrigerants practices


Solest is a product range of CPI Fluid Engineering that offers excellent chemical and thermal stability, amazing refrigerant miscibility, and improved wear resistance. These lubricants are backed by experienced technical sales and support staff which ensures that you can get the right lubricant for your appliance.

It is advance-engineered lubricant compounds for your HFC refrigerants. Besides HFCs, it is also an ideal substitute for mineral oil in HFCF and HFO refrigerants under certain operating conditions.

Solest comes in a number of varieties such as Solest 22, Solest 31- HE, Solest LT- 32, Solest 46, Solest 68, etc. Suitable for Residential Air Conditioning as well as Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, the biodegradable compounds not only help in retaining the long life of your appliance but also sustain environmental health.

Solest lubricants are available to you with a number of benefits. A few of them are as:

  • Thermally and chemically stable
  • Improved oil management to gain system efficiency
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Optimized system performance to reduce operating cost
  • Eco friendly and amazing lubricity